Today being present online is vital for the development of a business: potential customers, even before buying a product or service, inform themselves in the various search engines, blogs, social networks, and your site must be ready to give all the answers they are looking for.

The need for an online presence has certainly facilitated the development of commercial relationships and the user is able to find what he needs in a short time. On the other hand though, keeping your website online requires commitment and attention, due to the sheer amount of operations and data your business needs. What would happen if, during an unexpected event or a server problem, you lost all the emails or products from your e-commerce?
Archiving all data related to your business is essential: you need to have a backup strategy so that your data is always safeguarded.

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What is Cloud Storage?

As we have already mentioned at the beginning, Cloud Storage is an external space, compared to your main server, for secure data storage. It is a service that will ensure that all your files are protected and safeguarded. If you encounter problems with your site or application, you will be able to restore your data immediately.

In addition to the classic backup that allows you to fully restore your data, which we always guarantee on all Web Hosting and Cloud Servers, thanks to Cloud Storage you can perform the targeted recovery of a single file, rather than the entire database or server content. This opportunity will guarantee you operational advantages: if only one file is infected, why should you be forced to restore the whole site, missing important updates? With Cloud Storage you will be able to restore the single corrupted file, leaving the rest of your site unchanged.

In essence, the main advantages of Cloud Storage are two:

  • storage is external: this guarantees you greater security because, if the applications on your server are infected, you will have clean files ready for recovery;
  • the ability to restore a single file: if only one file in your web space is infected, thanks to the Cloud Storage you will have the possibility to restore the single file, leaving the rest of the site unchanged.

From our point of view security is never too much, we are keen to work in this direction and try to raise awareness among the professionals we deal with so that they are aware of the constant risks they may incur on a daily basis, since we know that their core business often concerns graphic design or digital marketing, not on the creation of IT infrastructure in the strict sense. As long as the problems do not appear, we often tend not to think about strategies to avoid them, yet it is necessary to take actions to safeguard ourselves and our business.

An online presence has now become essential for the success of a business, but the risks associated with the IT world are many. Precisely for this reason, as far as possible, it is necessary to prevent any problematic situations that can damage your business and your brand: it is in this framework that our Cloud Storage comes into play.
The main focus for us always remains your security and the protection of your data.

Which Cloud Storage to choose?

We we offer various Cloud Storage solutions: can choose the plan you prefer, with solutions from 50 GB up to 8 TB, to ensure you have the storage space you need. For example, an e-commerce will certainly need more storage space than a showcase site: we will always try to advise you on the best solution to maximize your performance.
To ensure maximum usability, you can activate the Cloud Storage to support yours Web Hosting shared, but even more especially to the dedicated plans: Cloud Servers, Private Clouds And Dedicated Servers.

How does it work in the different servers?

If you manage a Physical Dedicated Serverthe backup is not included, except partitions of space inside the server, as you must be the one to organize your backup strategy. While on the one hand you will have more operational autonomy and high resources available, on the other you could be more vulnerable in terms of security, especially if your team is not made up of at least one system administrator. Indeed, it will be your task to organize the backups of your site and, have an external storage space such as Cloud Storage guarantees you the right level of security.

In the case of a Plesk/cPanel server, you can schedule your backups on an external Cloud Storage space, which can be restored directly from the same control panels. Furthermore, as we have seen before, you will have the possibility to carry out targeted restores of specific files, for example the mailbox of a given domain or strictly a single website among the many you manage. In this way, the other server data will not be altered, sites and mailboxes will remain unchanged. Certainly very useful in the case of particularly active sites, where backing up the entire site would lead to the loss of important changes.

You can have this application even if you manage a Windows Server: instead of restoring the whole “machine”, you can restore individual corrupt files, getting your management system back on its feet in a very short time, without causing inconvenience to users.

Another advantage of Cloud Storage concerns the archiving of heavy files to be shared with multiple users: in fact, if you had to send large files via email, you could risk wasting too much time or, even worse, risking the recipient not being able to to view its content. Thanks to the Cloud Storage you can send and receive even the heaviest files quickly and easily.

Nextcloud: Cloud Storage management is even easier

Recently, we have introduced a new open source software, Nextcloud: a solution to manage your files on the Cloud Storage external storage space. It’s a platform through which you can store and synchronize your files, address book and multimedia contents, with functions very similar to the better known Dropbox, OneDrive or GoogleDrive.
When purchasing your Cloud Storage, you can choose between 4 access alternatives: in addition to FTP, NFS and SMB, it is now even easier to manage your files with the interface offered by Nextcloud.
Access to Nextcloud is included in the monthly Cloud Storage fee and, being more intuitive than the other accesses, you will be able manage your files in speed and autonomy, from the web or desktop application.

here are the advantages of Nextcloud:

  • It is comfortable: you can have the Nextcloud platform always at your disposal, accessing from different channels and guaranteeing immediacy, without having to use FTP/NFS/SMB credentials;
  • It’s intuitive: Nextcloud’s very intuitive interface has been specially designed to simplify the procedure;
  • It’s fast: uploading and downloading files is very fast, allowing you to always have what you are looking for at your disposal;
  • It’s multichannel: to give you an overview you can log in via 3 different channels.
    • web: access the Manager Panel, select the Cloud Storage service and click Connect to access the Nextcloud web screen;
    • desktop: download the Nextcloud software to your desktop;
    • mobile app: download the smartphone app, so you can always have your storage space at hand and upload and download files in real time.

In conclusion, we recommend activating a Cloud Storage service to guarantee you an external storage space, in which you will be able to restore the single item, as well as the total. When you purchase one of our Cloud Storage services, you will always have the free Nextcloud platform at your disposal which, thanks to its intuitive web interface, will allow you to manage your external storage space simply and immediately, guaranteeing greater protection for all your files .